Bilal Islamic Secondary School

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Bilal Islamic Secondary School was established in 1994 after a vacuum created by the transfer of Bilal Islamic Institute to Kakiri along Hoima road. It’s an ‘O’ & ‘A’ level mixed day and boarding secondary school, fully registered and classified by the Ministry of Education and Sports. It has both UCE and UACE Uneb centers and teaches both arts and science subjects.

The school is purely an Islamic institution that runs a dual curriculum system where secular studies are taught along side theology studies.

English and Arabic languages are used as media of instruction during the learning process. All subjects which the Ministry recommends and examined by UNEB are taught in the school on addition to theology subjects.

Bilal Islamic Secondary School was established with the aim of producing balanced citizens who could command secular knowledge and at the same time practice as Islamic clerics (Sheikhs).

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The school Mission

To produce God fearing citizens and Muslim Preachers. Under Core Values  that every community has a set of values that combine to help shape its identity. Those values are inspirational, They are a vision towards which that community aims and a set of standards by which the community inspires and measures itself.

Bilal Islamic Secondary school seeks to honor God in everything that we do, the  values center around what it means to be a Muslim God fearing and responsible citizen.

School Curriculum

The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum of both Secular and theology. At S.4 & S.6 the candidates sit for their final exams at a national level. With Theology, all subjects are taught from the Islamic perspective and at S.4  & S.6.

Students sit for National exams for theology marked by (MNEB)
Students at Bilal Islamic secondary study the following subjects:

National Curriculum

  1. Mathematics.
  2. Physics.
  3. Chemistry.
  4. Biology.
  5. English.
  6. Geograaphy.
  7. Islam.
  8. History.
  9. Commerce.
  10. Entreprenureship.
  11. Political Education.
  12. Fine Art.
  13. Computer studies.
  14. Literature.
  15. Arabic.
  16. Luganda.
  17. Kiswahil.

Theology / Islamic Curriculum subjects include the following;-

  1. Qur’an.
  2. Hadiith
  3. Fiqh
  4. Siira/Tareeh
  5. Tauheed, Qawa’ed
  6. Nahaw Wa Swalfu.
  7. Taareh.
  8. Adab.
  9. Mutwaala-a Wa Inshaa.
  10. Imraa Wa Khatwi.
  11. Adyaan.
  12. Balaagha.
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