Kings Way High School

to give an excellent all-round education to our students

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Kings Way High School has is a very simple philosophy, yet vitally very important, ” to give an excellent all-round education to our students, but most importantly, encouraging academic excellence, the core value for which children are sent to school.”


The following subjects are target at O-Level ( S.1 to S.4); English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Commerce, Accounts, Entrepreneurship, Literature, French, Luganda, CRE, Islam, Computer studies, Agriculture and Fine art.
At A-Level the following subjects are taught too; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Subsidiary Mathematics. History, Geography, Divinity, Islam, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Literature, Luganda, French, Fine Art, Subsidiary computer and General paper.

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We have science Laboratories which are fully stocked with all the relevant apparatus and chemicals required in the various experiments carried out by students, for all the science subjects.

Our computer laboratory has data projection facilities. Familiarity with computers is encouraged. Our students regularly use computers both in computing lessons, and as a learning tool in other areas of the curriculum, say biology, physics, chemistry, geography.

Co-curricular activities

A healthy mind only lives in a healthy body” so the saying goes. Here, at Kings Way high school, we believe in the adage and so we engage all our students in lots of Sports and Music, Drama and Dance so they are mentally and physically fit and healthy. These activities include; Indoor Games like: Ludo, Draft, Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble, Chess and Table Tennis and outdoor Games like: Football, Netball, Volley ball, Swimming, Badminton, Tennis and Athletics.

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