St. Kirigwajjo Secondary School

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St. Kirigwajjo Secondary School is a Catholic-founded, private “O” and “A” level mixed day and Boarding Secondary School. The school was founded in 1978 at Bujuni by Hoima Catholic Diocese as the third Secondary School in Greater Kibaale District after St. Edwards S.S-Bukumi and Naigana S.S. The School Later shifted to Ruhara Hill after Hoima Catholic Diocese had purchased land at Ruhara where the school now stands.

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“Education is our future”


St. Kirigwajjo Secondary School is located on Ruhara Hill 1 Kilometer from Karuguuza Town, Ruhara Road


  1. To provide all-round education, integrating life skills with academic, Vocational and co-curricular disciplines to young people.
  2. To embrace students performance by improving classroom teaching and learning.
  3. To emphasize girl child education and minimize her drop out of school.
  4. To provide affordable but high quality educational opportunities to students.
  5. To prepare young ones for a bright future.


  • Providing all the students who are admitted into the school with the highest possible quality education.
  • Allowing all students admitted into the school to have equal opportunities for development.


  • High moral values are instilled in the students with the ultimate aim of turning them into good, useful, and industrious citizens.
  • Students are made aware that everybody deserves respect. Every individual (a child or an adult) has rights as well as responsibilities.
  • Patriotism and nationalism are also inculcated in the students.
  • Individuals learn in different ways and individual learning is the result of opportunity and effort.
  • Personal responsibility and accountability are essential for a successful community.
  • Character matters: Honesty, Integrity, and mutual respect are vital, along with other positive character traits.
  • Students, teachers, staff, families, and the community are partners in education.
  • Developing positive relationships and attitudes is critical to achieving excellence and attaining greater outcomes.
  • A safe and supportive environment, as well as a healthy lifestyle, is essential to the growth and success of individuals.
  • Open effective communication is necessary for the success of a community.
  • Change is a natural part of continuous growth and improvement.
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