National Meteorological Training School

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The National meteorological Training School (NMTS) is a government founded Institution started in 1990 under the department of meteorology in then Ministry of Natural Resources which transformed to ministry of Lands, Water and Environment.

It started as a training institute for low medium meteorologists: WMO class IV, WMO III and WMO Class II after the loss of Institute of Meteorological training and Research in Nairobi which used to train all East African meteorological personnel to Kenya following break of East African Community in 1977.

Currently the school is training both national and international students up to level of diploma in all meteorological related disciplines (WMO III and II).

In 1998, the Uganda government decided transferring all the line ministry schools to Ministry Of Education and Sports (MOES).Up today the control of the school is done by this ministry, under the department of Business, Technical, Vocational and Educational Training (BTVET).

The school’s Vision is To be a reputable training institution providing knowledge , skills and developing meteorological and other related sciences for sustainable development. and the Mission is to produce well trained, competent and committed personnel for delivery of quality services in the fields of meteorology, aviation, forestry, environment, tourism, agriculture, etc.

The School’s mandate is to train all medium meteorological personnel in Uganda which can deliver quality services to the fields of Meteorology, Aviation/Defence, Agriculture, Forestry/Agroforestry, Environment, Education.

The school’s motto is to make weather and climate information a reality.
1. To broaden the teaching curriculum and enhancement of library so as to improve marketability of the products;
2. To train more effective and skilled medium meteorologists to monitor and advise farmers on weather performance at level of sub county of every district;
3. To instill to public the use of weather and climate information in face of weather and climate extremes;
4. To enhance training and research in the science of meteorology and its related sciences.
Strategic objectives
1. To provide high quality and relevant education for effective and efficient service delivery in the fields of meteorology, aviation, forestry, environment, tourism, agriculture, et;.
2. To enhance capacity building for the institution management and development;
3. To mainstream gender, disadvantaged groups in meteorological training and education.;
4. To promote outreach programmes for national as well as community benefit;
5. To expand the school teaching curriculum to include other supplementary courses so as to suit today’s demands.
School management

The school constitutes of mainly five departments; climatology and research, instruments and observations,mathematics and physics, extra curricular activities.which rewards, diplomas and certificates.

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