Alpha-Omega Seminary | AOS

A pioneer in nontraditional, theological education in Africa, AOS was founded in 1990 in Jinja, Uganda.

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Alpha-Omega Seminary | AOS is an evangelical, degree-level school for training men who are already serving in East Africa as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A pioneer in nontraditional, theological education in Africa, AOS was founded in 1990 in Jinja, Uganda.

A beautiful campus is located on the banks of the River Nile just a few kilometers from its source at Lake Victoria.

Our program is designed so students continue to be actively engaged in their ministries as they undergo studies, thereby enabling them to soon put into practice what they learned in the classroom.

Association with Global University

Alpha-Omega Seminary has a Cooperative Articulation Agreement with Global University in the USA which awards the degrees. Global University has an international student body of nearly half a million students worldwide. Under this agreement 32 credits are taken with Global University and the balance is taken with Alpha-Omega. Students do NOT have to go to the USA to take GU courses. Global University requires Alpha-Omega Seminary to maintain its high standards of academic excellence.

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All courses currently offered at AOS are undergraduate courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. A bachelor’s degree is the first degree level (followed by Master and Doctor). A degree program is more academically challenging than a diploma program. Prospective students should be forewarned that the AOS degree program requires a very high level of commitment. Future plans for AOS include a Master’s program.


Accreditation means that a school has been certified to meet certain standards of education. Genuine accreditation is based on a number of factors, such as academic credentials of the faculty, curriculum, textbooks, hours in class as well as work outside of class, and facilities. Genuine accreditation comes from an independent, widely recognized accrediting body that is not related in any manner to the school

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