St. Paul’s Seminary Kabale

aims to raise a generation of young people who shall serve the Living God.

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St. Paul’s Seminary Kabale is a catholic founded seminary that aims to raise a generation of young people who shall serve the Living God.

St. Paul’s Seminary has very restricted admission. Application to join this exclusive school is done through catholic parishes in Kabale Diocese where interviews are conducted to determine who qualifies to join.

The school is hidden in the hills of Kigezi on the gentle slope of Nyakakiika and is indeed a fountain of wisdom.

Discipline, Determination and Diligence
St. Paul’s seminary has over the years built a reputation of setting high academic standards right from the admission procedure. All who have passed through St. Paul’s recall the constant fear and anxiety about keeping good grades, short of which would lead to expulsion.

This holy fear of poor academic performance coupled with strict discipline, determination and diligence is what has been producing excellent results at St. Paul’s seminary for decades. One word that used to describe expulsion is ekihoro (translated as big panga, since expulsion was likened to being cut!). In earlier times, another cause of expulsion was failing Latin.

Latin was not particularly a very popular subject since many students felt that it was no longer a useful subject, even when it was key to mastering English grammar, and clearly relevant to those who wanted to study law or those who went on to the priesthood. The rigor of studying Latin also added to intellectual discipline and diligence. No wonder that St. Paul’s seminary had always excelled in English at Ordinary Level.

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For the first two years, all students are given a broad scientific and humanistic education covering the following subjects: History, Geography, Christian Religious Education, Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Latin, and Physics.

As students join Senior Three, they select subjects depending on whether they want to focus on sciences or arts. Two more subjects are added as one joins Senior Three: Commerce and Literature.

In total one ends up having 9 subjects to seat for at Senior Four final examinations. And now with Information Communication Technology (ICT) some alumni have their eyes fixed on computer science and IT.

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