Rainbow Christian School

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Rainbow Christian School is a day and bording mixed nursery and primary school offering education to both boys and girls aged 3 years to 12 years with a Uganda English national curriculum.
Rainbow Christian School is a practical expression of support for Christian parents, restoring them to a lead role in their children’s academics.
Choosing the school that will best represent your values to your child is one of the most important choices The school has to make and that is what exactly Rainbow offers to your child.
Rainbow Christian School is a non-denominational, multi-National Christian school with students coming from different Nations from Uganda, Rwanda, Norway, USA and more.
The school Mission
To build academic excellence by laying a foundation that challenges students to become lifelong learners. Cornerstone exists to provide a complete education, empowering students to evaluate life through the Bible and equipping them to respond to God’s call in their lives. Cornerstone’s goal is to lead students to faith in Christ and to inspire Christ-like character by partnering with families and churches, encouraging students to walk in God’s truth and to cultivate opportunities that build community service and relationships.
Teaching Truth, Training Minds, Transforming Lives
To capture and equip the hearts, minds and energies of young people for the sake of knowing Christ, and unleash them to engage the world they live in and make an impact in it according to God’s principles and power.
The school Chief Aim is to glorify God in everything that concerns us (1 Cor 10:31) including our children’s education. The school  recognises this as primarily the responsibility of parents (Deut 6:4) so we teach them ourselves and  hopes they will come to know and love God, therefore having an opportunity to live lives of hope, meaning and purpose.Rainbow Christian School is committed to transforming lives by the proclamation of the gospel and the delivery of an excellent, affordable Christian education; accessible to the whole community
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