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Bugema University is a Seventh Adventist institution located in Luwero district, Bamunanika County, Kalagala sub-county, central region of Uganda..It offers Bachelor of Theology, BBA in Management and Accounting, and BA in Education with History, Religion, English and Literature as teaching subjects through the schools of Social Sciences, Post Graduate, Business, Education and Theology.

The University runs an in-service/holiday program and has six satellite centers: Kampala center, for Post-graduate studies, degree and diploma courses and others in Kasese for a Diploma in Education (Primary) through the in-service program, Lira campus, Mbale campus, Arua and Kisii campus Kenya.

Bugema University

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Duration of Academic Programs
The duration of a degree program will not exceed seven years. In the event that seven years lapse before the student completes the requirements of the degree, the student should seek re-admission. All degree courses require three to four regular academic years, depending on the students’ entry qualifications. Students who come from countries where there is no Advanced Level of secondary education will be required to take four years. Diploma courses require two regular academic years while certificate courses require one regular academic year.

Change of Bulletin
A student who for some reasons fails to complete his/her studies within stipulated time and the Bulletin in which he/she was admitted ceases, he/she will be requested to change to a current one. The head of department will determine the relevant courses to be transferred and the student will be required to abide with the new bulletin for his/her graduation.

Credit for Previous Work
Students who had previously enrolled at the university and who have broken residency for a period of more than one calendar year will be evaluated for completion of their selected degree program under the requirements outlined in the current edition of the Academic Bulletin. Courses completed within seven years of the student’s readmission to the university will be applied towards the completion of the selected degree program. Both the Registrar and a department head or school dean will evaluate courses completed more than seven years prior to the student’s readmission to the university to determine if the courses are applicable to the selected degree program. In some circumstances, the student may be required to repeat a previously completed course where substantive content changes have been made during the student’s break in residency.

Transfer of Credits
Transfer of Credits from Bugema University Students may transfer credits earned in Bugema University; however, they should understand that each receiving institution would evaluate the suitability of the courses in relationship to its own programs and requirements.

Diploma courses completed from Bugema University, or elsewhere, serve only as entry requirements and are not transferable to the degree program.

The Registrar’s Office issues transcripts of academic record on written re¬quest by the student, but no transcript can be issued until all financial obligations to the university are met. The first transcript is free, but there is a fee for all subsequent copies of the transcript.

Transfer of Credits to Bugema University
Bugema University gives you the privilege to transfer credits from a recognized university a student has been attending in order to complete the degree requirements here. For this reason, if you are a transfer student, must be in good social and academic standing at any of the colleges or universities previously attended. Please note that transcripts will not be regarded as valid unless the registrars of these institutions send them directly to the office of the Registrar of Bugema University.

Students who have attended other institutions of higher learning must submit complete transcripts of studies, even though no credit was earned. Such credit will enter GPA calculation but to be counted toward degree require¬ments

Bugema University offers basic accommodation facilities to its students both undergraduate and post graduate students, with our residential halls around campus. All residence hall students are charged a boarding fee for the cost of room and meals as noted on the fees structure. Beds are provided in each room and other basic conveniences, but students are expected to provide their own mattresses and bedding. All halls and Hostels around campus can be easily accessed and offering standard facilities for a modern hostel.
Bugema University’s modern library provides resources for use in the instructional, professional and curriculum programs of the faculty, students and other users. The university also has a Tele Centre, a computer lab that disseminates Information and technology services both to the students and the community. Bugema University holds a medical center located on campus that provides health and emergency care to students as well as members of the community. The facility includes services for both inpatients and outpatients, laboratory services, and a range of community health services.

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