Orel-Vine International Academy

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Orel-Vine International Academy has been lighting a fire in the minds of students since 2010. Now, Orel-Vine is operating both a Pre-school and primary school, shaping the future of our gems by the core values that defined our past: research and innovation, entrepreneurship, excellence, and the fear of God. It has been said, “Education is not just the filling of a pail; it is the lighting of a fire.”


The school is a vibrant and active community where learning and achievement, are the core purpose of our work. It is also a caring and supportive homely place in which children can grow up as responsible individuals, dynamic enough to face changing circumstances and ambitious enough to be extraordinary.

“Start a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

The school offers a broad, balanced curriculum, which is enhanced by our co-curricular activities as well as a rich Pastoral Care program. There are numerous opportunities for students to develop their learning capabilities, enhance their basic skills of communication and finance as well as explore their talents and interests.

Students leaving Orel-Vine will be disciplined, resilient, proactive, independent learners able to face the challenges of the world and to lead where others follow. The experiences the school gives them during their time stay with them throughout their lives as fond memories.


To be the leading educational institution in Africa, empowering students to acquire, articulate and demonstrate knowledge and skills that will support them as job creators and life long learners who know Jesus Christ and live by the principles of His word.


The school exists to: Provide a safe, caring and conducive learning environment.
Ensure a high degree of personal and professional integrity.
Demonstrate Christian values for effective living in a changing world.
Encourage exploratory learning approaches.
Encourage excellence.
Develop a rich co-curricular program.

Core Values
The guiding principles include:

Building strong relationships with students and their families.
Partnering with parents for advancement.
Having a sense of community in the school.
Honesty and Integrity.
Active meaningful learning experiences.
Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.
Orel-Vine Goals aims at molding a God fearing community that:

Is highly, skilled and cultured,Has the ability to be job creators rather than job-seekers, Can apply Godly principles in everyday living,Can spearhead research and innovation in various fields that they may reach their full potential and be agents of change.


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The School Curriculum

The school delivers the Cambridge International Curriculum at both Pre-School and Primary levels. The Cambridge curriculum includes top quality teaching and assessment techniques adopted in top schools around the world. It is a flexible curriculum and is used in conjunction with other subjects, contemporary trends and methodologies which allow the teachers to employ the best practices to achieve excellence. Our curriculum facilitators are skilled professionals that monitor the syllabus to keep it relevant, comprehensive and current. The curriculum develops learners who are confident, responsible, innovative and intellectually and socially engaged.



The core subjects taught at Orel-Vine include Mathematics (Numeracy), English (Literacy), Science and Humanities (History and Geography).

The blending of the Cambridge curriculum and our existing model enhances a holistic approach and allows the incorporation of other subjects which include; French, Information Communications Technology (ICT), Art, Music, Christian Religious Education, Physical Education, Reading and Phonetics, Handwriting and Library.

In addition, the school clubs introduce other subjects such as Financial Literacy, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Swimming, Public Speaking and Piano/Guitar/Jazz Drums. The Pastoral Care program allows the school to not only teach Christian Religious Education but introduce Christian Ethics Education to the students.

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