Hope Community Pre-School

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Hope Community Pre – School is located on the edge of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, between Nkuingo and Rushaga visitor centre, very close to Karungi Camp, and about 1 km from Nyebaremura briefing point for mountain or gorilla tracking.
One of our main goals is to offer the Batwa and their children access to education, whilst helping them integrate into the local community, as before it became a national park, the Batwa lived within Bwindi, and were known as ‘the keepers of the forest’. They survived by hunting small game and gathering the plants and fruits of the rainforest. When Bwindi became a national park in 1992, the Batwa were evicted from the forest.
We are a self funded project that relies on donations to build our School.

Today they live a beggars existence, working for little or no wages and suffering the social deprivation this engenders, therefore, by offering scholarships for the children we hope to break this negative cycle.
We also want to help educate the children of poor families in the local community who are unable to afford the fees of private schools, but struggle to attend public school, as they are some distance away and which are difficult to get to, becoming impossible in the rainy season, when our roads overflow and become impassable for the young children.
in the future we hope to develop boarding accommodation along with adult education that we would offer to the Batwa adult community.
The School Mission is to Have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits”. It is a fine ideal to aspire to and a target we at Hope Community School will strive to achieve. and Our philosophy is to offer high quality education at a low cost.
Uner hope community school, it has Hope Preparatory Pre- and Primary School is a nursery and primary School in the village of Rubuguri in rural Uganda.
The School has been growing in numbers, which also required us to grow in terms of square meters!
With the help of great friends we managed to secure Our own plot of land in June 2017. Together we fundraised enough Money to build 2 classroom Blocks With a total of 7 classrooms. The work With the first building started in December 2017. On May 28th 2018 we started the second School term of 2018, at the New School site. Both director, Teachers and children were all excited about the shift, giving us all more Space, inside and out!

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