Vocational education provides skills needed for long-term, meaningful work

Vocational Training is also known as career and technical education (CTE) or technical and vocational education and training which helps us acquire and facilitate: knowledge,skills, values, beliefs, and habits with or without the help of an educator.

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There is a widespread belief throughout the nation that vocational education is somehow second-class and that people who acquire such training are underachievers or are not smart enough.
Nothing could be further from the truth. It is this misguided point of view that paints vocational education as the second-rate stepchild in the higher-education world. And not only has it done a great disservice to our nation and our young people, but it’s wrong.


The intellectual skills that physical labor requires of the average plumber, electrician, waitress and carpenter are far more rigorous than the widespread stereotypes would suggest.
The truth of the matter is that careers based on vocational training do lead to viable jobs that pay family-sustaining wages. In many fields, such as health care, graduates with vocational training can significantly increase their earnings over their lifetime compared with those only earning a high school diploma.

As the economy continues evolving and technological changes create jobs in industries that require some training but less than a four-year college degree, we cannot afford to let this stigma against career education thwart investment in rebuilding our ability to train young people and returning workers in the vocational trades — or we risk losing out in the new global economy.

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The need to invest in quality vocational programs is now greater than ever.
One way to ensure the career training we offer in this country is setting our students on a path for success and filling workforce gaps in the economy is by bringing together private industry leaders and career educators to align the jobs that are available in the marketplace with the training that is delivered in technical schools around the country.

It’s also time to recognize that various forms of education will provide young men and women with the skills needed to find long-term, meaningful work.
Education carries a significant benefit in one’s life, it’s normally the door way to greatness,it assures you to gain knowledge and awareness in which you can use to earn money and credibility.