Namugongo Secondary and Vocational School

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Namugongo Secondary and Vocational School (NSVS) is a brain child of Children’s Welfare Mission (CWM). The school was founded in 2002 with a goal of offering comprehensive curriculum to learners to facilitate education, health, emotional and spiritual growth. The school is registered and Licensed by the ministry of Education and Sports PSS/N/163. It is classified as partly Day and Boarding School.

The school is headed by a principal Mr. Awee Francis together with his Deputy Mr.Braxton Mukasa John in charge of administration and Director of Studies Mrs. Lillan Nabirye Suzan in charge academics.
The school also has a technical teacher in charge of vocational studies. And he heads the different Vocational Teachers. These teach Building and Construction, Carpentry, Tailoring, Electoral Installation, Catering among others. These work together with a team of qualified teachers and student Leaders.

Namugongo Secondary and Vocational School has a Vision “To be a leading Christian center for quality education that produces responsible, resourceful and sincere individuals with enduring Learning abilities, Wisdom and Skills” and a Mission “To produce Self-reliant individuals that serve God and Effectively Contribute to National Development” with a Goal “To produce learners who are able to serve God and effectively contribute to national development”.

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Namugongo Secondary and Vocational School boosts of a unique curriculum which puts the school above the rest. Considering the challenges of employment in Uganda today, the school decided to run two programmes co- currently. The school runs the academic programme (UNEB curriculum) and the vocational curriculum. Every a student who is admitted in S1 is supposed to offer the usual UNEB curriculum along side One vocational subject and computer which is compulsory.

The student is taught the two programmes up to senior three where he or she sits for national examinations set by the Directorate of Industrial training (DIT). From such examinations, the student obtains a certificate and can decide to use that certificate to progress to another level in the line vocational skills. After the DIT examinations, the student continues to Senior Four and sits the UNEB examinations where he or she obtains a certificate.
Therefore what makes NSVS unique is that our students will be able to obtain two certificates at the end of the four year course.
This has been so helpful to our students because they are able to stand on their own after senior four.

The School curriculum is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Sports. This has enabled the school to get affiliated to the external certification bodies that offer students with authentic documents after completing their studies.


Namugongo Secondary and Vocational School has well equipped library with relevant academics books that facilitate both students and teacher’s research. A number of the books are imported from outside the Country enabling Students to have a wider experience Worldwide knowledge especially science text books.
The library is also equipped with up to date news papers which enable the students understand what is going on in the Country and the World at large. Students are allowed to stay with the books for their revision outside the library and they can return hence increasing on their personal research.
Computer Lab
The world is now a global village, without the knowledge and skills of ICT, coping up in this Global village is not a joke. This is why students are trained and equipped with the knowledge and skills in ICT. Our computer lab is Internet Connected with enough computers accessible to all the students.

Science Laboratory
Committed to teaching and passing sciences in NSVS, we have got well equipped laboratories for each of the science subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Agriclture, students have continuous practice in science experiments hence excellence.

Co-curricular Activities

We have got well developed facilities that were constructed with a donation from the Dutch Embassy.
The facilities include;
Dressing rooms, Sports equipment and store for Volley ball, Net ball and foot ball fields.With all this, a well trained sports team which has won trophies from post primary level upto beyond zone level has cropped up. Next time we are looking forward to joining the Buganda cup competitions.
To complement the teaching and learning, outings in form of education tours, excursions, field studies, visiting other schools and participating in seminars are also catered for.
Games and sports include; Badminton, Chess, Table tennis, Volley ball, Basket ball, Football, Netball, Athletics, Rugby.

Music, Dance and Drama
Besides formal education, we we also surport students with Talent through what we call “Battles”.
In this our Students get to participate in Music(this includes; Original composions of different Houses), Dance and Drama plus Videography and Art Among other activities. The best House in Original composition gets to record their song in the studio.

Social interactions
We encourage students to interact with each other in clubs. A number of clubs exist in NSVS and they include; Youth Alive, the Battles, Faith awards and many others. We also we also organise inter house competitions in MDD, Sports, Etc. We’ve got social and educative clubs in our school and they are listed below.

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