Kyambogo Looking To Increase Student Allowances

The governing council of Kyambogo University is making final amendments to a proposed increase in the living out allowances for the government sponsored students.

The increment follows threats from students to petition the administrators over what they term as minute living out allowances on top of over delaying them.

In a statement from the office of the acting Dean of Students dated 19th October 2016, the management of Kyambogo received a request from the leaders of the government sponsored students to increase their living out allowances which the management deemed necessary.

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However, the letter adds that this will take a little while since the University Council has to approve it.

It should be noted that the government students had already started mobilizing to hold a massive demonstration claiming this money shouldn’t be released without being reviewed.

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In comparison with other public insttutes, Kyambogo comes up short at UGX 480,000 as Makerere students get UGX 700,000 a semester. The allowance caters for scholastic materials, daily upkeep and accommodation fees.