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Is Academics More Important Than Talent

There are some of us who believe that an individual is geared for success based on education or skills (talent). However, there are several examples in our society that illustrates a rounded individual is what attracts success. What is important, is that we examine whether we have separate education from talent into categories of academics and skills.

Talent, regardless of the field, always seem to bring faster gratification to the person, however, like academics also requires hard work, sacrifice and determination.

This may prove futile, as one does possess a certain talent to garner a level of quality education.
A discussion of this nature also calls into question the definition of success, are we speaking of financial excess or can it be clearly left to a personal goal. Hence, in a conversation we are brought to the topic of goals, and the relevant ends and means we aspire for and utilize.

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Academics are more important than talent. This is very easy to see in today’s society. There are many jobs that won’t even let you fill out an application unless you have a college degree. It doesn’t even matter what kind of talent you have. No one cares. No one will ever know.


Talent is the foundation I believe that talent is the foundation to being a success in your chosen field of academics. You do something that you love. That your good at and all else will fall into place. I believe if you have real natural talent with no academic background. You should have the same job opportunities in your chosen field as a college graduate.

Talent is far more important than academic excellence. I know that academics are there for a reason, for guiding students in various career options. Through this they can choose their career paths. But after they do, why should they continue reading those subjects? Reading every subject just stuffs your brain with unnecessary info and makes you lose your interest/time/understanding on the subject you have talent. So, though, in a way academic excellence is necessary in life, to chase your talent and dream is much more necessary.

Talent is more important than education if we have basic education For this we have so many examples.
We get interest in academics if we have talent because of talent in education we get many jobs. Every one who goes to school are not first rankers because they dont have interest for them they show their talent and succeed in the world many great persons are succeeded only because of their talent. Getting many jobs through education is also a talent.

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There is ample literature on goals; both setting them and attaining them in any aspect of our lives. However, as we gain more experience we acknowledge that education — though not just a quantitative concept — does not guarantee one’s success but rather seen as a catalyst to increase the probability of success.

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On the contrary, carefully evaluate both education and talent and ensure that you set for yourself milestones that will help and guide you to maximize your potential in both. This stands the test of time, as you may never know which of the two may be your life’s support.

Therefore, using the phrase spoken by Alexander Graham Bell, ‘before anything else, preparation is the key to success;’ to highlight the importance of education as well as honing talents in the aim for a sustainable future.