Uganda International Sports Academy

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The Uganda International Sports Academy is a unique sports academy, created with the double mission of developing talent, as well as uniting and bringing different groups of people and cultures together.
Our goal is to help improve on the God given talents of individuals and assist them in pursuing a path of success. UGISA’s role as a talent incubator is focused upon the youths of Uganda in particular and the world in order to give hope to those that had lost hope.
Our Vision UGISA’s vision is to see that we help make a change in someone’s life through sports. Our goals are to assist talented individuals and those that want to develop their God given talents. We can help you can use what you have talent wise to earn a living or even get a lifetime career (use your God-given talent to its fullest).
The Bible clearly states that God helps those that help themselves. So in that case you have to help yourself first by offering yourself to us and letting us teach you how to turn the God given talent into a dream. We would like to see in the near future that those that come to our camps achieve their dreams, and we know this will happen if we work as a team. To see that we stop child trafficking and abuse by people who pretend to be agents and scouts. We will always represent all our athletes to the best of our ability.
Mission Statement God is the creator of everything in the universe, so to that note he comes first in everything that we do and will be involved in. We do respect people’s faith but there is no compromise to those that abuse his name. Our mission is to make a change and put a smile in the faces of our youth and children, helping them tap untapped talent and realize that they are somebody in life.
There is nothing impossible on this earth that God has given us. Trust in the Lord and be faithful. then the rest will come and follow you. We have to utilize all the ability that he gave us to make things happen.
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