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How Speed Reading Can Improve Your Academic Skills

Speed reading is one of the most useful skills you can acquire in your adult life. It will come a long way especially if you are in business or intend to go back to school, where professors require reading of hundreds, sometimes even thousands of pages a week. This skill is easy to learn with some practice, and will also aid in absorption of information.

Below are some techniques you can learn from speed reading.

Eliminate All Possible Distractions

For some, background noise such as music and television can cause major distractions while reading, and for others its conversation. Whatever it is, be sure you get rid of it because even if you aren’t conscious of it, it will greatly diminish your concentration.

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Determine why you are reading a particular book in the first place.

Speed reading will come in handy for numerous purposes; such as trying to memorize texts or phrase for a later test, reading for inspiration or new ideas, and many others. If you are in fact reading a book just for fun, then there’s no reason to rush through the book in the first place. By understanding early on why you are reading a book, it will help you determine how you consume it and absorb the material.

Try pre-reading for 10 minutes, by reading various pieces of the book which will help you have a better idea of all of its contents.

You can start reading through the table of contents, authors’ blurb, back cover summary, or by randomly picking open a chapter. The trick here is to find the key chapter, which contains the essence of the entire book.

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Once you’ve found that key chapter, start reading it.

Feel free to absorb what you consider to be the essence of the entire book, then continue reading it from the beginning.

As you go along reading, try to absorb the important information by dog earring important pages, highlighting or encircling notes. This will also help you retain information better. If you find that it helps, you can also keep a notebook by your side so you can scribble important pieces of information as you go along.

Remember that it takes time, concentration, and lots of practice to be a successful speed reader. It is also recommended to read articles and other books that provide insight and useful tips on speed reading so you can learn how the professionals do it and eventually master the skill.

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Originally published on HBCU Lifestyle