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Ndege Juu Ya Africa

Ndege Aviation is a full service provider of aviation services based in Uganda and serving the whole of East Africa. Conveniently located at Kajjansi Airfield between Kampala and Entebbe, offering greater convenience, comfort and personal service. Their combination of experts with experience from all over the globe and knowledge of our local area make Ndege the ideal choice for anyone who needs to fly, or be flown, in the region.

Ndege Juu Ya Africa Limited | Ndege Aviation is a Ugandan company that was formed in 2008. The founders are Emma Carter and Tim Cooper. The company started up as a result of a contract to do aerial advertising for MTN Uganda, the telecoms company.

Currently the Uganda CAA has brought most aviation training to a standstill allowing only full time residential courses  which Ndege Juu Ya Africa Limited | Ndege Aviation currently does not offer. Although PPL training is therefore currently unavailable, we can offer mountain flying, bush flying, upset training, aerobatics and other specialist courses for licensed pilots.

Ndege Juu Ya Africa Limited | Ndege Aviation is run by people who are in love with aviation and our pilots are very keen to pass on their special skills. Whatever, your level of skill or experience we are sure that we have a course for you. And if you have never flown before, but have always wanted to, Ndege Juu Ya Africa Limited | Ndege Aviation is the place for you.

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Our courses range from Private Pilot License (PPL) through to specialist courses like our bush flying course and our aerobatics and upset recovery course. Our courses are all run within Uganda, which is an aviators paradise. We reckon there are 360 flyable days in the year – better than Florida! We have mountains, National Parks, challenging bush strips, and above all, more or less empty airspace.

Ndege Juu Ya Africa Limited | Ndege Aviation holds an Air Operators Certificate for public transportation, and all of our operations guidelines place safety above all other factors. Please enquire about the courses that we have on offer. You’ll be surprised, especially by the prices which are considerably below what you might pay in Europe.

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