St Mary’s Boarding Senior Secondary School Kitende

we provide affordable all round education to the youth fir a sustainable future.

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Entebbe High Way, Kitende, Kampala
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St. Mary’s Boarding Senior Secondary School Kitende | SMASK is a private secondary school found in Ssisa Sub-County, Wakiso District. We are one of the leading schools in Uganda with two campuses providing unrivalled range of environment for educational opportunities running as an “O” and “A” level, boys and girls mixed school.

SMASK is registered with the Ugandan Ministry of education and sports with a centre number 1224.

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St. Mary’s Kitende environment is just ideal for the academic and co-curricular development of students, great for mental, physical, social, psychological development of each of our students. Our ambience is one that promotes a peace of mind for the students and staff, and makes SMASK a great place to study and work.

With several open spaces, spectacular, well kempt greenery, freshly painted and maintained infrastructure, a clean and neat compound, all this makes SMASK the perfect school for the academic excellence of our students.

Studying with us is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. St. Mary’s Boarding Senior Secondary School Kitende offers both sciences and Arts subjects for the Advanced level, whereas the “O” level avails its students with equally all the government curriculum of education. The school is registered with the Ugandan Ministry of education and sports with a centre number 1224.

St. Mary’s Boarding Senior Secondary School Kitende currently has a teaching staff of over 80 full-time graduate teachers, who teach and assess students in all academic disciplines respectively.

The school is unique in size and structure today, with ground breaking opportunities that have opened up borders for international students, from countries like Rwanda, Senegal, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi among others. Such anticipated twentieth-century developments have enabled us to design a school system that well suits our students.

As a family of world-class institutions, the school has a reputation for not only academic distinction but also sports excellence, both in Uganda to the East, and South of Africa itself.  This clearly reflects our quality and values that any student would benefit from the academic rigour and cutting-edge sports excellence that is undertaken by the school.

St. Mary’s Kitende Boarding Senior Secondary School has a range of other classes, clubs, and activities available to students. These extra-curricular activities are voluntary for students, and they include sports, musical activities, debate, community service, religious study groups, young enterprise projects, drama, science clubs, and many others.

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March 4, 2024


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March 3, 2024

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