St. Joseph’s College Layibi

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St. Joseph’s College Layibi is a mixed day and boarding secondary school located in Gulu town. It is based on the catholic church’s foundation and grooms the young generation to become God fearing intellectuals.

St. Joseph’s College Layibi recognizes and allows to operate only three religious practice of Catholics, Original Anglican and Islam. Other religious sects are not allowed. Students and parents MUST abide to this.

Prayers are compulsory on stated days and time – refer to the daily routine program attached. Students must be ready to upgrade and fulfill sacraments expected of them.

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St. Joseph’s College Layibi has a broad curriculum containing Arts. Science, Vocational and Business Subjects at both ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels.

‘O’ level curriculum: Subjects offered include: English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Geography, History, Commerce, Political Education, Accounts, C.R.E, Entrepreneurship, Fine Art, and now Computer.

‘A’ level curriculum: Subjects offered include: G.P, History, Geography, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Literature, C.R.E, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Fine Art, and now Computer.

St. Joseph’s College Layibi has main games and sports that are athletics, football, volley ball, basketball, rugby and assorted indoor games.

Games like karate, gambling, etc. are forbidden.

Main clubs and societies are YSC, Scripture Union, Debate, Drama, Press, Peace, Wild life, Young Farmers, Brass Band, Red Cross, Scouts, Youth Alive, etc.

Every student is expected to enroll and participate actively in at least two of the official co-curricular activities above.

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