Seroma Christian High School

Heads but not Tails

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Seroma Christian High School was founded by Lt. Col. Robert and Mrs. Margaret Sekidde in September 2002. Being practicing Christians, they felt a divine prompting to have an institution that would emphasize a Christian approach to educate the young generation.

The future starts now

At SEROMA Christian High School, we value the confidence and trust parents place in us towards the development of their children’s educational, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects. We’re a Global Hub for Christ-centred education and services with a mission of equipping Christ-centred self-motivated and skilled emerging leaders through quality education.
Our broad and vibrant approach to education not only offers students opportunities to gain the vital grades they need to further their education at university or tertiary levels, but the personal skills and qualities that will enable them to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.
Why choose Seroma
We’re a dynamic and forward thinking community, built upon the traditional values of Respect, Excellence, Honesty, Integrity, Teamwork, Hard work and Lordship of Christ. We are committed to ensuring that when students leave SEROMA Christian High School they are confident young men and women with a passion for life-long ambitions, strong moral values, ready and willing to take their place in society. Fundamental to our purpose is that, students leave us well-equipped for a successful future, with a wealth of happy memories and friendships that last a lifetime. This is achieved through exceptional range of diverse selection of after-class activities to suit every student’s interest like swimming, MDD, games and sports like football, net ball, volley ball, basketball, chess, draft; athletics, and lots more which provide opportunities for character development and spiritual growth.
Keeping our motto in focus, we equip our students to be “Heads but Not Tails” Deuteronomy 28:13.
Our Vision:
The Global Hub for Christ-centered Education and Services.
Our Mission:
To equip Christ-centered self-motivated and skilled emerging leaders through quality education.
Our Values: 
With these values, we embrace our mission to bring each student the best education.
Lordship: We focus on grooming God fearing and educated citizens of tomorrow.
Integrity: We promote strict adherence to work ethics and professionalism.
Excellence: Our academic excellence has been center of Seroma’s prestige over the years
Team Work: We ensure excellence through teamwork and focus group discussions.
Hard Work: A commitment to common goals based on open and honest communication.
Respect for others & property: At Seroma, every child is given the power to create and share ideas, without barriers.
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Excellent Academic Atmosphere

We offer quality education based on a Christian foundation
Spiritual Development of Students

We encourage and mentor students on their personal journey with God through our weekly prayer sessions, regular students’ camps, and spiritual counselling sessions, retreats and many more which enable students to connect with God and with each other.

Students also have an opportunity to grow through participating in outreach and mission projects.

College Life

In SEROMA Christian High School, we ensure quality academic environment and spiritual well being of students we have excellent facilities that help us build students to be academically excellent and valuable to the world at large.

Sports Activities

Students compete in swimming, football, basketball, volley ball, netball, chess, Ludo, tennis, fashion, athletics etc. All aimed at emphasizing personal physical fitness, teamwork, hard work, skills development as-well-us leadership. Through these activities, many of our students have excelled in various aspects of sports, games, athletics, music, dance and drama at national and international level.

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