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Seeta High Schools are Private Christian Secondary schools mixed with both boys and girls in both Ordinary and Advanced levels of education.

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Seeta High school – A level Campus is part of Seeta High Schools, Private Christian Secondary schools mixed with both boys and girls in both Ordinary and Advanced levels of education. We offer both Arts and Sciences and a number of co-curricular activities in all our campuses.

Seeta High Schools are mixed day and boarding schools located in Mukono District with ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels of learning. It was started by Mrs. Rose N. Muyingo the school Director in 2000 and we marked 20 years this year. It has four campuses Main campus, Mukono campus, Green campus and our newest Campus the A level Campus.

We focus is on academic excellence and talent development so as to have holistic development of an entire human being. We follow the National Curriculum designed by the National Council for Higher Education and is assessed by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB).

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We teach a variety of subjects at Ordinary Level and Advanced level which are chosen to mould our students in an all-round manner and prepare them for any A-level combination whether sciences or arts and can apply for any professional course at University and institutions of higher learning and successfully get enrolled. The subjects we offer keep changing with time as we review our students’ needs and abilities. We have embraced hands on training. This is spear headed by our Principal and headteachers of the Campuses.

Science Subjects

It cultivates a passion for learning.
The thrill of uncovering why the sun sets in the east, why the sky is blue, how fish breath in water and other remarkable everyday scenarios is naturally fascinating. Science feeds the natural curiosity that makes learners tick and encourages them to explore the mysteries observable everywhere.

At Seeta High Schools hands-on approach also appeals to many. The possibility of demonstrating scientific concepts first-hand builds an appetite for learning.


In line with producing an all round student, we have a variety of clubs aimed at helping the learners develop socially in their line of interest. These also help in the development of their inter personal skills and learn to relate with others. Many of them are given leadership positions in these clubs which helps them in the management of others. some of the clubs we have include;

  • Computer Club
  • Interact Club
  • Debate Cub
  • Scouts
  • Red cross
  • Film& Creative Club
  • Math Club
  • YCS
  • Legion of Mary
  • Drama Club
  • Nkobazambogo
  • Science Club
  • Patriotism

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