Mehta Senior Secondary

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Mehta Senior Secondary, Lugazi, is a mixed O and A’ level, day for both Arts and science situated at 28miles kampala-jinja road in Lugazi town, new colony L.C.1, Buikwe District  with UNEB EXAM CENTRE NO: U0174. Mehta Secondary school follows the Ugandan curriculum and prepares children for the Uganda National Examinations at both ‘O’ and ‘A’ level.

Curriculum: Computer studies as a subject is available for the ‘O’ level students, Mehta senior secondary. In addition, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is employed across the curriculum in order to ensure that students achieve a high standard of computer literacy in different subjects. All computers in the computer room have educational material in all the subjects and the teachers conduct at least one lesson for each of their classes in the computer room for every week. Students are expected to conduct research and present work using the networked computers that have Internet.

[related_posts]History: The institution started in 1962 as a primary school basically for the Indian Children from Mehta Group of Companies. Later, the African children with good grades from surrounding areas including those of the O level Status) for children of SCOUL, UGMA and CABLE employees and named LUGAZI SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL. In the early 1990’s A’ level for both Arts and science was introduced. When emphasis was put on all SCOUL schools, it was renamed LUGAZI (SCOUL) SENIOR SECONDARY. In 2000 the school exhibited good academic performance and the founder decided to rename it MEHTA SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL.

Facilities: Mehta senior secondary has a Library, science and computer Laboratory facilities.


  1. To train children of Mehta Group of workers who would later be incorporated in the sugar plantations and factory as workers
  2. To bring up literate community and to improve on the skills of the children
  3. To train children for future leadership in the management in the various sections of the industry
  4. To instill sense of serial awareness, moral and ethical values needed in heterogeneous society

Mehta senior secondary, P.O.Box 235, Lugazi, Uganda


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