Mbarara Municipal School

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Mbarara Municipal School is the biggest primary school in the whole of south western Uganda with enrollment of 3849 pupils. Mbarara Municipal School mission is Building a generation of knowledgeable, Industrious accountable and morally upright young citizens within a modern learning and teaching environment.

Mbarara Municipal SchoolHistory: Mbarara Municipal School was started in 1963 under the church of Uganda as its foundation body headed by Rev. Canon Kankuba Alfred. Earlier in the 1962 people around town had seen it fitting to establish a place of worship in the town. C.O.U under the office of east Ankole diocese requested for piece of land from the government. It was granted and the church started as Booma church of Uganda. At the time there was only Agar khan primary school in the neighborhood which had been set by the Indians.

The school started as Mbarara town school with enrollment of 46 pupils. Classrooms were partitions in the church during week days as well as tree shades. In 1964, the government took over the school. Mr.Musizi was posted as the new head teacher. The number of pupils started increasing steadily east Ankole under synod of 1971 donated money to put up the first classroom block. Later Agar khan was turned into secondary school and most people joined municipal school and it expanded quickly.

Academics: It’s a measurement what one has achieved in a given period. This could be a month, term, year and any other specified period of time. At Mbarara Municipal School, internal and external exams are our yard sticks. P7 class marks the end of primary level course and all pupils of Uganda are exposed to the same exam P.L.E. at the end of it all, Mbarara Municipal School pupils compete for good schools, Score good passes, take marketable courses at higher levels and use the very knowledge to qualify for a decent living.

[related_posts]School targets:

  • Academic excellence
  • Discipline
  • Cleanliness
  • Time management
  • To protect school and personal property and
  • Proper accountability

Facilities: Mbarara Municipal School has 35 class streams well equipped with furniture. The structures include a storied boarding hostel, main hall, a modern kitchen and staff quarters and well equipped recreation grounds.

School Motto: “Sweat for thy bread” This signifies that both the staff and children must work for what they get.

Location: Mbarara municipal school is located on plot 4 high street along Mbarara-kabale road in Kiswahili cell kakoba division and Mbarara municipality in Mbarara district western Uganda. It’s at 1/2km from the middle of Mbarara town and 100 meters from the main road.

Mbarara municipal school, P.O BOX 564, Mbarara, Uganda.

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