Lamwo Kuc Ki Gen High School

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The school’s name, Kuc Ki Gen, means ‘peace with hope’ in the local language of Acholi, an apt name for a school in an area that was ravaged by Joseph Kony and his ‘Lord’s Resistance Army’. The education statistics in this war-affected region are striking.

 Lamwo Kuc Ki GenIn Lamwo district, there are 184 primary schools but just 22 secondary schools, leaving thousands of children with no where to continue their secondary education. PEAS has launched Lamwo Kuc Ki Gen to provide a high quality secondary school for children who previously had nowhere to go, or had to travel many miles daily to attend a low quality government school.

[related_posts]The school was kindly funded by the Waterloo Foundation (who continue to support its expansion), the COINS Foundation and a large number of individual PEAS supporters who responded to our appeal in May 2010 for funds. Thank you to everybody who contributed make this school happen.

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