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Kings International School is full of fun and laughter, experiencing and growing into responsible, initiative taking, goal setting, problem solving, creative thinking, confident and innovative young adults.

The school chose the name King’s because every child should feel as important as a King and Queen. The school uniform is Purple, the color of Royalty, to remind them daily of the beauty and worth.
We provide an excellent wholistic curriculum, developing each individual’s intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and cultural development.

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Vision: The school vision is to develop individuals of character who will change the world. Mission: The School is to  dedicate ,value, inspire and challenge every individual. Giving them a wholistic education in order to achieve greatness.


Kings International School curriculum is based on the Cambridge system. It combines it with the values giving the students an environment that develops and inspires their uniqueness, and enabling them to find their voice. The aim of this curriculum, is to assist a child to grow into a Confident, Responsible, Reflective, Innovative, Engaged Child.

Early Years

The early years stage is the foundation of every Childs learning journey. Its extremely important!

Its in the early years when a child builds confidence to communicate and interact with the world around them. Children at this stage start to build and develop their inquisitive minds, they develop skills to problem sole and create ideas. Its during these years where they start to develop their confidence and basic skills in maths. Each year of a child’s learning journey is building on the previous skills and concepts learnt in the different areas of their academics.

At King’s we are committed to starting your child’s learning journey off with a great foundation, giving them the best opportunity in Communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development, Literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, and expressive art and design.

The Primary School

In our Primary School, we value every child’s development. We hold high expectations and standards in seeing every child progress to their potential in all subjects including their extra curricular activities. We make the classroom our focus and work tirelessly to provide quality lessons.

[related_posts]Kings International School offers Mathematic, English and Science as our core subjects. Topic, covering humanities, Art, ICT and design and technology. French, RE and PE as our foundation subjects.

The Secondary School

King’s Secondary offers a full range of academic opportunities in the areas of English, Mathematic, Sciences, French, RE, History, Geography, Art, ICT, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics combined.) PE and Extra-curricular Activities including football, Netball, Swimming and Basketball.

The School  set strong expectations in four areas; Focusing on the classroom, Offering strong academic progress in all subjects involving every child, Creating a strong sense of community where every child feels secure and important and Loving their learning journey being apart of the King’s community.

Every child reflecting strong qualities and principles towards themselves, peers, adults and their community, and Creating a great presence in the community where we are known and respected for our great academic services.

Teaching in music, art, PE and ICT, follow King’s own curriculum to enable the constant building of skills and knowledge.

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