KinderKare Kindergarten- Bukoto

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KinderKare Kindergarten- Bukoto in a small and cozy facility takes on a very limited number of pupils and provides the highest standards of education. KinderKare kindergarten- Bukoto maintains high discipline and shares with their parents the responsibility of producing a well-rounded child.

History: KinderKare kindergarten- Bukoto has been in existence since 2004 and is still growing stronger. KinderKare kindergarten- Bukoto has grown through leaps and bounds until they could no longer hide from the glaring need for expansion to a primary school. KinderKare kindergarten- Bukoto believes they are ready to embark on yet another exciting journey, whilst maintaining the high standards they set for their children at the sister pre-schools.

[related_posts]Curriculum: Using an integrated Ugandan and international curriculum, KinderKare kindergarten- Bukoto unlocks each child’s full potential and encourages them to express their view points. KinderKare kindergarten- Bukoto curriculum fosters creativity, imagination and a real joy for learning. Their system produces well-rounded pupils in academics as well as other disciplines.


To encourage the children to become confident, competent, creative and cooperative.
To ensure equal opportunities for all pupils.
To develop a positive attitude toward school and learning.
To develop long lasting curiosity.
To develop initiative and persistence. And
To develop inner discipline, accountability for own actions and a sense of order.

Co curricular activities: Games and Sports, Music, Dance and Drama; Piano and Guitar, Art and Crafts. Clubs are also part of the practical teaching/learning process. These include: Cookery, Basketball, Swimming, Music (piano & guitar) and Creative Writing.

Mission: KinderKare kindergarten- Bukoto mission is “To provide high level child care and education in a safe, clean and secure environment.”

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