KinderKare Elementary school

KinderKare Elementary school maintains high discipline and shares with their parents the responsibility of producing a well-rounded child.

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KinderKare Elementary school in a small and cozy facility, takes on a very limited number of pupils and provides the highest standards of education. KinderKare Elementary school maintains high discipline and shares with their parents the responsibility of producing a well-rounded child.

History: KinderKare Elementary School has been borne out of their vibrant, highly effective Pre-Schools, currently in Kansanga, Bukoto and Bugolobi suburbs. KinderKare Elementary School Pre-Schools have been in existence since 2004 and are still growing stronger.

KinderKare has grown through leaps and bounds until they could no longer hide from the glaring need for expansion to a primary school. KinderKare Elementary School believes they are ready to embark on yet another exciting journey, whilst maintaining the high standards they set for their children at pre-school level.


  • To encourage the children to become confident, competent, creative and cooperative.
  • To ensure equal opportunities for all pupils.
  • To develop a positive attitude toward school and learning.
  • To develop long lasting curiosity.
  • To develop initiative and persistence.
  • To develop inner discipline, accountability for own actions and a sense of order.

Learners in Uganda and beyond empowered as critical thinkers with the character, ability, and resilience to achieve their full potential.

To contribute to national and continental prosperity and well-being by nurturing our children’s values, confidence, and creativity, and fostering their love for life-long learning, in a safe learner-centred environment.

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Registration for Primary One and Primary Two is in progress for children aged 6-7 years. KinderKare Elementary School maintains two class streams of not more than 30 pupils per stream. You may also download the Enrollment Form, fill it and take it to the school.

We offer the British Cambridge Assessment curriculum, combined with the British National Curriculum. At the moment we’re also continuing with the Uganda National Curriculum for P3 through P7 only.

Using an integrated Ugandan and international curriculum, KinderKare Elementary School unlocks each child’s full potential and encourages them to express their view points. KinderKare Elementary School curriculum fosters creativity, imagination and a real joy for learning. Their system produces well-rounded pupils in academics as well as other disciplines. Specifically, KinderKare Elementary School teaches English language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, French & Swahili and Physical Education.

Games and Sports, Music, Dance and Drama; Piano and Guitar, Art and Crafts. Clubs are also part of the practical teaching/learning process. These include Cookery, Basketball, Swimming, Music (piano & guitar) and Creative Writing.

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