Kidetok Primary School

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Kidetok Primary School was set up in 1940. It has 1,303 students in P1-P7, 19 teachers, 13 classrooms and two streams in each grade. The school relies primarily on the UPE (Universal Primary Education)grant from the government and, in addition, charges fees of 115,000 shillings ($46) per term.

Kidetok Primary School has a secure room and a generator was provided by the parish priest to enable the school to participate in our program. The priest is also helping to provide food for the teachers.

[related_posts]The school has a farm and hopes to start a garden to grow produce in the future. 6 houses for teachers’ accommodation have been built with funds from the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund, a program of the World Bank.

Kidetok Primary School took second place in a national essay-writing competition run by the Bank of Uganda and second place in the district in an AIDS awareness competition organized by USAID.

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