Kasese Primary School

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Kasese Primary School was founded in 1962 by the Catholic Church under the supervision of Rev. Fr. Burton Smith. The government took over the school in 1965. The school has 1,166 students and a school building with 19 rooms. 25 teachers work at the school. Government funding last year 3,300,000 shillings ($2,060) and the school charges the students 14,000($8.75) per term.

Kasese Primary School also tries to raise funds through the community, Kasese Primary Schoolparents and former students. There are a number of challenges, some stemming from its large enrollment. Resources, school infrastructure and the number of teachers are insufficient for a student body of this size.

Many students do not receive proper nutrition, which impacts their studies, and the school would like to upgrade its technology and teachers’ training. 114 of the students are orphans and 50 are disabled.

[related_posts]The schools offers a wide range of additional programs – road safety, integrated production, guidance and counseling, UNESCO Club, Red Cross, human rights club, sports, wildlife club, anti-aids – and has received strong support from the community around it.

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