Kanyankyende Primary School

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Kanyankyende Primary School was founded by the Roman Catholic Church and in 1974 became government-aided. The school has 9 permanent classrooms and one semi-permanent staff house. There are 11 teachers supporting 470 students. Fees range from 3,900 shillings ($2.40) to 10,000 shillings ($6.20), depending on grade level.

Kanyankyende Primary SchoolKanyankyende Primary School primarily depends on government grants, which totaled 2,361,015 shillings ($1,475) in 2007. Major challenges include the need for equipment and furnishings (desks, shelving, copiers, typewriters, computer and science lab equipment), textbooks, musical instruments and teaching materials.

[related_posts]The school is proud of its performance and admits students of all faiths, tribes, and races. Kanyankyende Primary School welcomes any assistance toward its development.

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