Kako Senior Secondary School

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Kako Senior Secondary School started in 1963. The idea of starting the school was jointly brought by both parents and the Church of Uganda and the two parties both contributed to the acquisition of the land on which the school is located today. One family – Kiswa family donated part of the land. In 1965, the school was taken over as a full government aided secondary school and in the late 60s, the school was expanded with funds from the International Development Agency (IDA).

In 1979, parents decided to establish a Parents Teachers Association and they also started the Higher School Certificate section. The UNEB Centre Number for the school is U0021.

Our Vision
An empowered all round citizen who is spiritually and morally upright.

To produce a God fearing person equipped with basic skills and knowledge to become a job maker and self reliant for national development.

Education is my Birth Right


O’Level Subjects: English, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Home economics, Geography, History, Commerce, C.R.E./I.R.e, Luganda, Principles of Accounts, Political Education, Fine art, Music, Computer, Germany, Technical drawing/woodwork.

A’Level Subjects: History, Geography, Economics, Divinity, Literature/Luganda/French, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Food and Nutrition, Fine Art.

Extra co-curricular activities
Games: Football, Netball, Volleyball and Cricket), Music, Dance and drama, Farming (gardening and piggery), Social clubs, academic clubs, debating clubs, scouting.kako secondary school masaka


The school has a well equipped library, dormitories, classrooms laboratories, sports facilities and sickbay

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Victorious Education Services children are given both oral and written interviews and the results help in the assessment and placement of the child. After the interview the children are placed in different classes according to their abilities. Admissions are carried out on specific dates during the term. The dates are communicated to the parents and public through different communication channels that is notice board, circulars, SMS, meetings among others.


Music, sport and drama are a significant part of a child’s life at Victorious Education Services. Pupils are encouraged to participate, to show commitment and to try different things giving them opportunity to enjoy themselves, explore their hidden talents and develop them as well. Corporate Objectives: Victorious Education Services is a God fearing institution that is dedicated to train a wholesome person.

Vision: Victorious Education Services vision is to achieve the following in the near future:

To train up persons to have a relationship with their creator. (spiritual)
To Train persons who will easily interact and associate with one another (Social)
To promote health practices that nourish each person’s body.- (Physical)
To equip the persons with life skills that promote self reliance (Economical)
To train persons who will excel in the different professions (Intellectual)

Vision Statement: Nurture the person to live a Victorious life. Mission Statement: To provide education that develops a wholesome person.


Transport: Victorious Education Services has buses for transporting their pupils from home to school and then back home.
Security: Victorious Education Services has in place a security department that ensures life, property and information is protected against unforeseen circumstances. The main objective of this department is to ensure the people and properties in the institution are safe.
Catering: This department comprises of supervisors, chefs and cleaners. The department ensures pupils have their meals on time and in a clean environment with a well balanced diet given to the children.
Library: Victorious Education Services has a library in each of the campuses and these facilities are under the supervision of Librarians.
Health Care and Hygiene: Victorious Education Services established the hygiene department to ensure the children and staff live in a clean and healthy environment.

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