Jussam Pre & Primary School

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Jussam Pre & Primary School was founded in 1996 by Justine and Sam Matoru, after whom the school is named.The administration of the school was unable to run it properly and handed over to new ownership in 2005.

At that time the school only had 45 children but now has 209 children with a staff of 11 teachers. The school is private, educating children from nursery to grade 7 but not receiving any government funding. Plans are underway to make children in P6 and P7 boarders in order to improve their scholastic performance.

Jussam Pre & Primary School has eight permanent and three semi-permanent classrooms and charges fees of 40,000 shillings ($24) per term. There are many challenges because of insufficient funds, including difficulties in meeting operating costs, few textbooks and educational materials and feeding the children at lunchtime.

[related_posts]The owner is currently trying to buy land to construct classrooms because the school is on rented land. In addition to that, the school intends to offer subsidized boarding facilities and services to its students. The school is proud of its choir which participates at zonal level.

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