Jesus Cares Center Primary School

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Jesus Cares Center Primary School  is a registered Local NGO, No. 8712 formed by a group of community members in 2008, and was fully registered in 2011 as non-profit making organization with a common goal of giving the best start to orphans and vulnerable children in their lives to grow in a good and strong relationship with God.

Jesus Cares Center was a brain child of one Amos Bandeeba, who was a vulnerable child himself, and went through long experiences of suffering as a vulnerable child.

Relating to his own childhood experience of the harsh conditions he went through growing up, Mr. Bandeeba developed a strong conviction and interest to improve the lives of thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children in his community, and the rest of the country at large.

Jesus Cares Center Primary School  Vision is to give a child the best start in Life.

Mission to improve on the literacy level in rural areas especially Ntungamo.

Goal to provide a strong spiritual foundation and accessibility to Educational Facilities for the vulnerable children.

[related_posts]The school has the following Objectives to;

  1. To provide quality and accessible education to the community.
  2. To reduce the spread of HIV pandemic contracted through immoral’ and ungodly ways of young people.
  3. To help needy children they can become self sufficient and provide for their whole community.
  4. To advocate for children’s rights.
  5. To provide Christian moral training to young people in the community
  6. To create awareness among the community about education and need for Christian training of young people through open-air meetings, conferences and seminars.
  7. To provide guidance and counseling to the young people in the community.
  8. To reduce lawlessness and violence in the community caused by poor upbringing of children.
  9. To liaise with other organization, institutions and individuals in the field of education and Christian training of young people
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