Harmony International Preschool

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Kiwafu Road, Kansanga, Kampala
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Harmony International Preschool is a Day-care; Kindergarten & Preschool for children aged 1-5+ years Located on Kiwafu Road, Kansanga. Harmony International staff is highly qualified and our in-home location provides a feeling of security and familiarity for the children.

The Harmony International School (IPC) takes the prevailing view that the first few years of a child’s life provide a vital opportunity for development. The IPC involves family and parents wherever possible in understanding and facilitating the objectives of the organization.

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The Harmony International School curriculum underpins all future learning by supporting, fostering and promoting children’s development in six areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Socio-Emotional), Communication Language and Literacy (Language Arts), Mathematical Development (Numeracy), Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Sciences), Physical Development (Motor skills) and Creative Development (Creative Arts).

Nursery [2-3 years]: At Harmony International School, this is when the fun learning really kicks in. Concentration is put on the IPC core subject areas i.e. Mathematical Development, Sciences (Knowledge and Understanding of the world), Language, Literacy and Communication, Creative Development, Psychical Development and Personal, Social

Kindergarten [3-4 years]: Due to the fact that the IPC core curriculum subjects form the foundation for future learning, we continue to have them taught through out all the classes at the school. At Harmony International School Kindergarten level however, we further explore and learn our social skills including good manners, Health, safety, among others.


Harmony International School co-curricular activities include; Kindercooking, Extra Languages, Art and ICT, Sports Department, Music, Dance and Drama (MDD) Department, Scouting, Ballet Dance Club.

Harmony International School, Kiwafu Road, Kansanga. P. O. Box 12889, Kampala, Uganda.

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