Gwetom Primary School

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Gwetom Primary School was established in 1946 by the Mill Hill Missionaries. It has 640 pupils, 12 teachers but only 8 usable classrooms and a shortage of desks.

Gwetom Primary SchoolGwetom Primary School has a generator but would prefer to get solar panels because of the lower operating costs. The UPE grant in 2005 was 2 million shillings ($1,100). A dormitory block has been built with funds from the diocese education department and a boarding section for 100 girls in P4 – P7 will start in the fall of 2006.

[related_posts]The fees will be 37,500 shillings ($20) per term. It is hoped that a boarding section for boys can be started later. The school would also like to build a fence around the property to improve security.

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