Clevelandhill Nursery Mixed Day and Boarding Primary School

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Cleveland Hill Nursery Mixed Day and Boarding Primary School was founded in 2002 as a private and community school, but welcomes pupils across the region of east Africa and Africa as a whole. The school has widespread interest in the sphere of quality education with a commitment to excellence, providing opportunities to enable young people to be best positioned, consequent to their education in the school.The school has a population of about 800 pupils. And can accommodate about 1500 pupils.
The school is built on strong religious principles with its motto“THE LORD IS MY

To make saints in all nations grow as true disciples of Jesus Christ and serve God with their lives by empowering them with the Word of truth.

cleveland hillThe school has an Objective to provide quality academic education to pupils by using the conducive educational environment guided by our competent and skilled staff.  Under a Vision, To support the bright, talented but under-privileged pupils by soliciting their fees from potential donors. and a Mission to provide avenues for partnerships for exchange programs of pupils and teachers both in Uganda and abroad.

[related_posts]Generally young girls are more vulnerable than their male counterparts due to social-cultural values related to women. However, in Cleveland hills primary school efforts are being employed to check and reduce gender disparities.

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