Buwenda Pre-school

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Buwenda Pre-school was the first SPE pre-school to be built and officially opened in March 2003 by Soft Power Education. Kyabirwa Pre-school was built thereafter. Both schools were then refurbished in 2007. An additional classroom was built at Kyabirwa in 2013 and maintenance works are ongoing every year.

Description: Soft Power Education (SPE) is a British charity and Ugandan NGO supporting Ugandans in their efforts to promote education. Soft Power Education works with children, teachers, parents, and guardians to create stimulating environments for learning and play.

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Comprehensive curriculum
Additional subjects:
Art & Music and
Story telling

Ages: Buwenda Pre-School age children (roughly ages 4-5 years) attend these two centers Monday – Friday from 8.30am to 12:30pm.

History: Buwenda Pre-School was the first pre-school to be built in the small trading centre of Buwenda. On land gifted by the community to Soft Power, Hannah set to work building the school with the support of overland passengers, donations and a team of local builders. The school took two years to build and is divided up into three classrooms and an office – it is run by 3 qualified Ugandan teachers and a local cleaner/school assistant. The headmistress, Florence, is an amazing woman who has been a major part in the school’s success and happy environment – her deputy, Justine, went to work as headmistress at our second pre-school, KCC.

Buwenda Pre-School now educates up to 120 pre-school children between the ages of 4 and 5 years old. The children are mostly orphans who have lost one or both parents to AIDS, or children who come from desperately poor families.

Co curricular activities: Kyabirwa Children’s Centre pre-school pupils participate in singing, writing, playing, story-telling, painting, and learning. These centers are a stepping stone to encourage children to attend primary education by providing a good foundation for learning to children who would otherwise be out of school.

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