Bright Star Primary School Nansana

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Bright Star Primary School is a mixed private day school that began operating in 2002. The school is staffed by 14 teachers and 5 support personnel and its current enrollment is 405 students in pre-primary through primary 7.

Bright Star Primary School makes use of 10 classrooms and 3 offices in 3 buildings, and several other structures that include latrines, a kitchen and a canteen. Fees range from 40,000 shillings ($23) to 92,000 shillings ($53) per term, depending on grade level. These fees include tuition, porridge, and lunch but students are required to pay for their uniforms and periodic educational trips. In addition to academics, the school supports co-curricular activities including clubs for debating, farming, music, dance, drama, scouting and guiding.

Bright Star Primary School faces several challenges: it lacks staff housing, a library and transportation. Parents are not always prompt with school payments and students often drop out. Because the school must make rental payments for land and premises, it is not able to pay its employees enough to offset their living expenses.

[related_posts]Despite these challenges, the school is optimistic about its future, and looks forward to improvements including purchasing land, buying a van and truck, enlarging its library, and pursue income opportunities such as poultry farming and transportation.

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