Baganzi Primary School

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Baganzi Primary School began as a private school in 1935 when it was founded by Roman Catholic missionaries. It has since become government aided and now has 12 teachers catering to the needs of 766 students from grade 1 to grade 7 in 7 classrooms. The school has 54 are boarders. The school charges 4,500 shillings (approx. $2) per child per term.

[related_posts]The fees include meals (porridge), wages for a night watchman, church education fee and development fees. Unfortunately, many parents do not pay the fees and the school’s only other revenues are government grants, which for the last full financial year came to 2,949,633 shillings ($1,823).

Baganzi Primary School most difficult challenges, in addition to inadequate funding, include the need for additional classrooms (two classrooms grades 3 and 4 – have over 140 pupils), solar panels, teachers’ accommodations, reliable water supplies, and latrines. In addition, the school could use a common staff room and a library. The school has strong performances in spots and music. The school would sincerely welcome sister school opportunities.

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