Baale Secondary School

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Baale Secondary School is situated in Baale Sub County in the Kayunga District. From Kayunga Town to Baale Trading Centre we travel by taxi on a murram road for a distance of 45km. From Baale Trading Centre to the school is a walkable distance of 500 meters. On the whole, from the capital city of Uganda, which is Kampala, you have to drive 76 miles to reach the school. Most of the parents can barely pay fees or any requirements due to the fact that they are peasant farmers, pastoralists and fishermen.


English, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Home economics, Geography, History, Commerce, C.R.E./I.R.e, Language, Principles of Accounts, Political Education, Fine art, Music, Computer, Germany, Technical drawing/woodwork, Among Others.

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The school promotes sports activities such as; football, athletics, and netball and volley ball at school level. Competitions are held in the four houses of Sezibwa, Nile, Victoria and Kyoga which are named after water bodies surrounding the school. Kyoga House emerged winners of sports.

The school administration buys the winning house a bull which they share among themselves as a house, the rest of the school and the community. The secondary school has also embarked on school projects that promote the concepts of Education for Sustainable Development. The Students have formed an Environment club and among the activities they are carrying out are tree planting, waste management and waste recycling. Partnership Programs

The school has established a partnership link, through Global Gateway, with Westland High School in the United Kingdom. The school has benefitted from a DFID Grant managed by the British Council under the reciprocal visit grant, where the contact person of each school has to visit its partner by December 2009. The main objective of the visits is to plan and schedule joint projects between the schools. Another link that has been established is with Colegio Tecnológico Americano, AMERITEC, in Guatemala. In November 2009, the principal of AMERITEC visited Baale Secondary School with the aim of exchanging cultural and educational programs. Baale Secondary School is looking for more partners to link with around the world. Global Gateway promotes partnership programs between countries around the world. It provides information on different ways to establish long-term, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Baale Secondary School P.O. BOX 18116, Kayunga, Uganda

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