Akisim Primary School

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Akisim Primary School was founded by the Catholic Church in 1933. It is now a public school that supports 954 students in grades primary 1 through 7. The school has just 8 classrooms, and a staff of 11 teachers. It relies on government grants for all of its income.

Akisim Primary School strives to provide basic practical skills in all classes, to inculcate good social and moral behavior in students, and to encourage good study habits.

Challenges for the school include sensitizing parents to the importance of providing lunches for their children, encouraging parents to participate in development programs by contributing funds and labor, and minimizing dropout rates.

[related_posts]The school makes special efforts to educate girls and the disabled children. Its motto is Let us rise and shine again. Last year, the government grant for the school totaled 3,582,835 shillings (about $1,775). P.O. Box 50
Ngora, Eastern Region

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