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Our goal is to provide an academically excellent and balanced education in an environment that reflects the love, joy and peace of Christ.

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Acacia International School is a Christian international day school located in Muyenga, Kampala.  Our goal is to provide an academically excellent and balanced education in an environment that reflects the love, joy and peace of Christ.

We have two campuses.  The junior school for our Early Years to Grade Five and the senior school which serves Grades Six to Twelve.  Plus, we are in the process of developing the Lakeside Campus, just off the Entebbe Expressway in the Kigo area.

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Acacia International School uses in elementary and middle school a North American Classical curriculum that is designed for an international setting.  In high school we offer the Cambridge IGSCEs and A-levels. You can find out more from our admissions or curriculum pages or drop us an email to schedule a visit ([email protected]).  We’d love to see you.

Kindergarten to Grade 8

From Kindergarten to Grade 8, Acacia follows the core knowledge scope and sequence in most subjects.  This is a ‘Classical’ curriculum developed in the US for a diverse and international classroom.  Students explore a comprehensive and engaging account of world history through the lens of Susan Wise Bauer’s story of the world. For Mathematics, students are challenged and stretched through the problem-solving approach of Singapore Math.  Read more about Acacia’s classical approach to education and how faith impacts instruction in the school’s Philosophy of Education.

For specific content in each class see an overview here:

Early Years – Kindergarten – Gr 1 – Gr 2 – Gr 3 – Gr 4 – Gr 5  – Gr 6  – Gr 7 – Gr 8

High School

In grades 9 and 10, students prepare for Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) with final exams in May. IGCSE is the most widely used and most recognized international qualification for secondary school students. It parallels GCSE examinations in the UK, however, the curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs of international students.  In addition to the IGCSE subjects students take classes in Bible, Physical Education and Service Project where they are challenged to serve Christ through leadership, serving each other, serving the local and global community and caring for the environment.

In grade 11 and 12 Acacia offers a range of AS and A Level subjects, also examined by the Cambridge International Examinations Board.  Most students study four subjects at AS level in grade 11 and continue with three subjects to full A level in grade 12.  In these final two years they continue to study Bible, Physical Education and Service Project.

Acacia offers American credits for all classes taken, with a view to graduating students with an accredited American high school graduation diploma in addition to the IGCSE and A-level results.

Criteria for admissions 

Acacia aims to be an open and welcoming Christian international school, and views each child as a unique person made in God’s image. In our admissions and school operations we do not discriminate on the basis of national or ethnic origin, religion or faith background, gender, age, race, color or disability.  Our teachers, however, are Christians. 

All admissions decisions are made by an Admissions Committee.  The criteria have been set by the school board and include the following priorities.

  • We prioritize families that are likely to support learning from home and participate in the life of the school. Each family writes a ‘parent essay’ as part of admissions process.
  • We prioritize students who are likely to benefit from, and contribute to, an academically rich and rigorous environment.  The admission test and interview is weighed along with report cards from previous schools. 
  • We prioritize siblings to try to keep families together.
  • We prioritize Affiliate Member missionary families who serve in full-time ministry. Read more about Affiliate Membership here.

Please note, the school almost always places students in with their age group.  Read more about grade placement here.

Application deadline

For the August intake, completed applications are due by the 31st of March.  Short-listed students will take an admissions test during the first two weeks in April.  The Admissions Committee will make a decision by the end of April.

For mid-year transfers, the Admissions Committee will usually meet and review completed applications within two weeks.

The school does not maintain a long-term waiting list or hold applications from one admissions period to the next. If your application is unsuccessful and you wish to apply for admission for the following school year, you are welcome to submit a new application in March the following year.

2021-2022 Fees  Fee range per year $5,000-$10,000.

2022-2023 Fees

Diplomatic Fees  This applies to children whose tuition is paid by an embassy or foreign government including affiliated development organizations or UN Agencies (UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, etc).

Diplomatic Fees 2022-2023

Affiliate Member Fees  Affiliate Members and approved Christian missionary organizations have a discounted fee structure.  Contact the school for more information ([email protected]).

Affiliate Member Fees 2022-2023

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