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Uganda Driving Standard Agency (UDSA) was established in 2009 with a team of Ugandan experts in driving and road safety that discovered that there was a rampant rate of road accidents in Uganda.

Uganda Driving Standard Agency has a team of highly qualified and experienced Instructors and drivers trained in United Kingdom.

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Refresher Courses: This course is tailored equip the staff, technical personnel and drivers with modern driving skills and knowledge, Defensive driving under Defensive driving, drivers, acquire skills of reducing the risk of accident by adjusting to the driving style of other people.

Uganda Driving Standard Agency is associated with a number of the Ugandan and International organizations to enhance its capacity in addressing safe driving and road safety gaps in the country. Uganda Driving Standard Agency will work closely with driving training schools in Uganda and will monitor them closely to ensure that quality drivers are produced in order to ensure driving rules and regulations are adhered to and further provide technical support to improve road safety in Uganda.

Mission: Our mission is safe driving for life.

Vision: The vision is to become a leading driving and road safety agency in the world.

Goals: Uganda Driving Standard Agency goals include the following;

  • To advise governments and the line ministry on safe driving and road safety
  • To training driving schools instructors with the most recent driving theories and practical so that they can render effective and efficient driving skills to the trainees.
  • To improve the success rate of projects and programs development in Africa through direct monitoring and evaluation on behalf of implementing organizations/agencies.
  • To reduce road accident in the entire country.
  • To promote professionalism among drivers
  • To act as certifying driving body
  • To create drivers database in order to track all necessary information on existing drivers.
  • To partner with all internationally recognized driving certifying bodies.
  • To partner with the government in order to tighten traffic rules and regulation
  • To improved road safety.
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Rated 3.0 out of 5
January 6, 2024

I own a class B how much is extension to class DL if I want to from your school.

How much is refresher training? How much is defensive driving and for how long. Am in Gulu

Okwera Patrick
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