Moriah Aviation Training Centre (MATC)

Our tuition structure is designed to give you the best education at a low fee compared to other parties in the industry.

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Bubuli Road Entebbe
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Moriah Aviation Training Centre – Entebbe is a client responsive training place  and we implement our training programs with impact and passion to fulfill your career needs. MATC boasts of its highly trained instructors, who deliver training tailored to meet your needs in the right time.

Our success is the result of having a relevant and achievable Philosophy, sophisticated training programs to translate that philosophy into tangible results and effective management systems that provide quality control.

Vision: To be the preferred Aviation Trainer in Africa.
Mission: To be a leading entity in promoting Safety through timely delivery of Affordable and Quality Aviation Training.
Motto: Limits beyond the sky.
Our Values: Efficiency & Safety, Flexibility, Accountability and Customer Care


We live in an environment where information and electronic technologies are rapidly changing; we therefore deploy highly trained instructors and emphasize continuous development through training to match the industry development.

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Moriah Aviation Training Centre has put together a solid management team combining extensive Aviation Training and significant industry experience both locally and internationally.

Our Approach:

  • We utilize aptitude test and offer career guidance before committing to training.
  • We deliver quality training on time.
  • We tailor training programs to meet client needs and convenience.
  • We deploy professional instructors and subject matter experts.
  • We make our services predictable, affordable and user friendly.
  • We keep close relationship with our clients and ensure their goals are met.
  • We emphasize post training feedback from both student and their employers for continuous improvement to ensure a total job done.
  • We objectively embrace industry contribution towards out professional delivery and growth.
  • We seek to establish strategic partnership with other key players in the industry both within the region and beyond and to provide and extensive range of services and products.


Moriah Aviation Training Centre treasures Personnel and Professional Growth so we provide a work environment which fosters both the training center and individual personnel growth.

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