Kitabi Seminary

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Kitabi Seminary has been growing and developing with the parts and institutions of the country. In the course of time is acquired better means of doing things and embarked on certain projects.

The students at the seminary are able to go deeper in the subjects they had done in the Elementary Vernacular Schools and take up new ones like Latin and English; the latter replaced Swahili.

The seminary staff has good means of traveling: two cars one for the Rector and another to his Assistant. This was a great change from motor-cycles, which used to be the only means of locomotion for a priest for more than half a century. Up-to the 1950’s only the late Fr. Kelp had a car.

A few years ago the seminary was also given a lorry. This was a great means of transport, which is more great means of transport, which is more dependable, than having to hire every time.

With the exception of the banana plantation, the seminary uses the tractors for all its cultivation to grow sweet potatoes, maize, beans and peas, the tractors also helps greatly in keeping the banana plantation, because it carries a lot of grass for mulching the plantation. It is extremely useful.Kitabi Seminary

[related_posts]During their free time, seminarian enjoy Games like: Football, Netball, Volleyball and Cricket), Music, Dance and drama, Farming (gardening and piggery), Social clubs, academic clubs, debating clubs, scouting




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