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(IELI) has been established in Uganda out of the need to promote access to quality international education at affordable costs to Ugandans. The IELI has established itself as an e-learning centre equipped with modern technology to support distance learning. This centre possesses a modern computer laboratory with a super- fast internet connection and full-time technical support.

It possesses a conference room equipped with video-conferencing technology to enable students who want to have live streamed tutorials with their tutors to do so. It also possesses discussion rooms to enable students who want to discuss among themselves to do so. The facility possesses printers and photocopiers, a fax machine, a telephone and a library as well as a standby 3-way generator to ensure that power is available at all times.

This centre is impeccably novel for successful establishment of distance learning in transitional and developing countries. In essence, not everyone wishing to undertake distance learning programmes will necessarily have an up to date computer, but even when the person has the computer, he/she may be frustrated by the weak internet connection making it difficult to access learning materials on time. Transitional and developing countries are also characterized by frequent load shedding which may too hinder good progress for individuals on distance learning programmes.

This centre helps students overcome all these problems. Of note, motivation is a very important aspect for successful completion of distance learning programmes; this centre provides a sense of cohort-ship among students taking similar programmes which is an important motivating factor.

International Education Link Institute Millenium House, Ggaba Road P.O.Box 5221 Nsambya, Kampala, Uganda Phone: +256-772-961561/+256-782-014659 Email: [email protected]/[email protected] Website:

Address (UK): 20 Ross Street Middlesbrough TS1 4EJ United Kingdom

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