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Impact Chefs Academy is rated as the finest chefs training institution in Uganda by industry professionals, as it continues to grow from strength to strength. Passion, excellence, creativity, expertise, leading edge and tradition make for an exceptional combination and are some of the core values which Impact Chefs Academy believes in. It is because of these values that the Impact Chefs Academy Uganda is an exceptional.

It is known and valued by its peers in the food industry for being a center for culinary education and the school  in turn are doing the best they can to ensure that the ability and passion of the young cooks and chefs in Uganda and East Africa backs up the peers and industry leaders’ views.

In addition to the high quality of education the academy delivers, the students are also taught by Experienced Chefs using the finest quality ingredients from around the world.

Impact Chefs Academy believes that the quality of the education must be matched with equivalent ingredients in order for the students to maximize the experience they get, but more importantly, when going to work in five star kitchens, they must understand the tastes, textures and unique attributes of the finest food available in order to create a masterpiece on a plate both from a visual and taste perspective

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The academy owns extensive in-house curriculum which was developed in response to industry demands and standards in the Eastern Africa Hospitality Market. Impact Chefs Academy Curriculum is comprehensive, well-rounded and ensures that the students are armed with a multitude of skills, knowledge and a qualification that is highly sought after in Eastern Africa.

Impact Chefs Academy offers both Professional courses and short courses;

Professional Courses include
These Courses are unique in that they are conducted by internationally acclaimed chefs who offer practical hands-on cooking lessons every single day; Certificate in Pastry and Bakery Course: One Year, Certificate in Food Production Course: One Year.

Short Courses include;
If you are currently working in a hotel or restaurant kitchen and would like a formal, recognized qualification, then the Part Time Block Release Courses will suit your needs. Certificate in  Professional Cookery–8 Weeks, Kitchen Management Techniques (3 days). other short courses include,Mass Food Production and Preparation, A La Carte ,Cookery, Buffet Preparation and Presentation, Saucier and Entremetier ( Hot Kitchen), Kitchen Management Practices, Pastry and Bakery.

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