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On Course 4wd Training School specializes in 4wd training courses, off-road security driving courses and defensive driving courses tailored to suit the harsh and hostile driving conditions common to developing countries. On Course 4wd Training School provides driving solutions for field workers, UN and peacekeeping personnel, fleet managers, tour operators, professional drivers and 4wd owners. On Course 4wd Training School provides the best 4×4 off-road and security driving courses available on the market today. These include;

Essential 4wd Courses: 4×4 driving courses, 4wd Bush Driving, 4wd Defensive Driving and Self-Recovery

Security Courses: Armored Vehicle Operation, Protective Driving (PD), Field Security Driving and Counter Car-Jacking.

Road craft Courses: Professional Driving, Motorcycle /ATV Operation, Basic Maintenance which involves First line maintenance & basic emergency repairs.

Instructor Courses: Train-the-Trainer (TOT), 4wd Operation, 4wd Defensive Driving and Armored Vehicle Operation.

Facilities: On Course 4wd Training School facility is based in Uganda, the hub of East and Central Africa’s more challenging roads and driving conditions. The 25 acre driving facility has been designed to mirror hazards /obstacles in a compendious method, optimizing practice time and ensuring effective confidence building. The facility Features include an accumulative skills training area, skid control and drift circuit, a high range circuit which includes negative and positive cambered corners, a low range circuit which includes uneven terrain; steep inclines; mud and water crossings; sand and wadi crossings, a self recovery area, maintenance area which includes a ramp and pit.

[related_posts]What Makes On Course 4wd Training School Unique:

Train to the environment, in the environment.
Is the only training centre to specialize in off-road 4wd security driving courses is the leading school specializing in driving courses for unsealed roads.
Comprehensive 4wd Package: This popular package is a must for drivers whose 4wd skills are a necessity for safe operation in rural areas.

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