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We aim to promote the study of local and foreign languages among Ugandan nationals.

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City Language Centre (CLC) was founded by seven members in 1996. These seven members had been language trainers for the US Peace Corps and saw in CLC an opportunity to share their expertise with the wider public. Uganda is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual society, thus presenting unique challenges for both nationals and expatriates living and working here. In 1996 CLC opened on the Makerere Campus and became the first such language school in Uganda.

In 2007 CLC moved from the Makerere Campus to its own building in a suburb just south of Kampala off Entebbe Road.

From its beginnings to the present CLC has worked with both national and international clientele. Clients include: School For International Training, Concern International, German Development Service, Voluntary Services Overseas, Full Gospel Mission, Youth Alive, Lutheran World Federation, and the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa.

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  • To promote the study of local and foreign languages among Ugandan nationals.
  •  To give adult nationals who are not literate an opportunity to learn to read and write in English and in their local languages.
  •  To teach local languages to foreigners living and working in Uganda.
  •  To promote Uganda’s multi-cultural heritage and values.

Languages Offered

CLC offers both local and international languages including:

Language courses at CLC are tailored to suit the needs of the learner. We teach using what we call the “competency curriculum.” This approach is designed to enable students to rapidly acquire the language skills necessary for daily living, while giving them the grammatical building blocks necessary to work towards fluency. Students may opt for individual instruction or group lessons with two to five students learning together. Small classes or individual instruction allows the instructor to tailor the classes to the students’ learning styles and interests.


Please contact City Language Center at [email protected] for a current price list for Language Courses, Cross Cultural Training, Computer Courses and Homestay Experiences.

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