Tourism Institute of East Africa

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Tourism Institute of East Africa is an institution of higher education aimed at meeting the changing needs of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in the country and the region. Tourism Institute of East Africa is convinced that one of their major missions and responsibility is to furnish the Tourism, Travel & Hospitality Sectors with professional personnel who can guarantee an excellent standard of products and services. The skill gaps in the Tourism, Travel & Hospitality industry is so big that the institute exists to bridge that gap with professionals who have been equipped with relevant skills to meet the demands in the sector.

Tourism Institute of East Africa is developing people through quality learning to achieve excellence in tourism.

Vision: Through its innovative high quality lifelong learning academic programs the Tourism Institute of East Africa develops people for tomorrow’s tourism industry.

Courses offered: Tourism Institute of East Africa courses include;

  • Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management
  • Diploma in Air Hostess/Flight Attendant course
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Certificate in Tourist Guiding & Administration
  • Certificate in House Keeping and
  • Certificate in Foods & Beverages.

Tourism Institute of East Africa also offers refresher short courses. The institute connects their trainees with employers so that they do not have to walk the streets looking for jobs. Tourism Institute of East Africa therefore equips their trainees with skills for LIFE.

[related_posts]Core Values: The values behind Tourism Institute of East Africa vision are to:

  • Provide a student oriented style of curriculum which promotes creativity, innovation, participation, self reflection, and personal independence.
  • Develop specialized technical, leadership and entrepreneurial skills in line with tomorrow’s industry’s trends and requirements
  • Promote an international outlook whilst embracing differences between local and foreign cultures.
  • Promote professional development through lifelong learning opportunities for all levels within society.
  • Perform and solicit practices which are ethically correct and environmentally friendly.
  • Individually guide, mentor and holistically develop our student.


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